The New Way to Learn Chinese

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What is Chineasy?
China is home to ancient traditions, breathtaking artwork, and what is currently one of the world’s strongest economies. So it comes as no surprise to me that recent years have seen a cultural trend of eastern migration by both young and business-minded adults. Everyone is starting to pay more attention to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries as they become increasingly popular as tourist destinations and increasingly important as cultural and financial hubs.
Call me optimistic, but I see the melding of these two cultures, East and West, as being instrumental in creating a more culturally literate world. I also think that the East and West must understand each other in order for global economic growth to be a sustainable future. There is, however, a giant roadblock preventing the East and West from communicating effectively and connecting on a deep, cultural level: the Great Wall of Chinese.
The Chinese language has long been considered the most difficult major language to learn, largely on account of the vast number and complexity of its characters. Being a Taiwanese native now living in London, this is a fact I am acutely aware of. When I began to teach my British born children Chinese, I realized just how difficult Chinese characters are for a native English speaker to learn. It was like torture for my kids! So I spent many years looking for a fun and easy way to teach them how to read Chinese. After years of searching, I realized that none of the methods out there were engaging or efficient enough. So I did what any entrepreneur would do, I created my own method to learn how to read Chinese characters: Chineasy. And you know what? It works.
Chineasy’s goal is to allow people to learn to read Chinese easily by recognising characters through simple illustrations. The magical power of the Chineasy method is that by learning one small set of building blocks, students can build many new words, characters, and phrases. Master a few sets of building blocks and your learning will accelerate to a whole new level. With very little effort, learners will be able to read several hundred Chinese characters and phrases and gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural influences behind the vocabulary. Even though there are tens of thousands of Chinese characters, only a few hundred are actually necessary to comprehend basic Chinese literature and begin to delve into Chinese culture and art.
It is my great pleasure to work with my team at Brave New World and illustrator Noma Bar to fulfil my vision. Teaching you how to read is my first baby step. I promise you, there is an exciting journey ahead of us.









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